Hotel Aoos, Konitsa - Epirus


Sights in the area

During your stay in hotel Aoos, you can visit all the sights of Konitsa and the wider area, such as:

  • The stone-built bridge of Konitsa, on the Aoos River
  • The stone-built bridge of Voidomatis, in Kleidonia
  • The Mastorohoria area: Molista, Ganadio, Elefthero, etc.
  • In Bourazani, the Environmental Education Park and the Watermill
  • In Molivdoskepasti: The holy monastery of the Assumption of the Virgin
  • Vasilitsa with the excellent ski center, one of the best in Greece, about 2 hours drive from the hotel
  • The house of Elder Paisios
  • The house of 'Hamko', the mother of Ali Pasha, ruler of Ioannina
  • And many more that you will discover during your visit!

Activities in the area:

  • September 7-8 : Celebration at the Stomion Monastery
  • November 1-28 : Tsipouro Festival in Pigi - Pekliari
  • May, last week : Tsipouro Festival in Pigi - Pekliari

The Bliithikiotis family will gladly inform you about the area's attractions as well as the activities you can take care of. See more about area attractions:


Photo gallery

Aoos gorge, konitsa

The stone-built bridge of Konitsa

The stone-built bridge of Voidomatis

From the area